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After taking a stunning picture, the user may want to use it as their lock screen image, but even more so, to add text art to give the lock screen a flawless magazine cover effect.

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1. Background

2. Integration Preparations

3. Main Code

4. Results

I. Used Functions

Map Kit provides an SDK for map development. The map data covers over 200 countries and regions and supports hundreds of languages, allowing you to easily integrate map-related functions into your app for better user experience.

Keyword search: Searches for places like scenic spots, companies, and schools in the specified geographical area based on the specified keyword.

Route planning: Provides a set of HTTPS-based APIs used to plan routes for walking, cycling, and driving and calculate route distances. …

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1. Applicable Scenarios

Product visual searches are mainly used for online shopping apps. When you integrate this service into your app, your users will be able to make image-based product searches. This means that when they see a product they like, they can simply take a picture of it, and your app can show them results relating to that product.

2. Enabling the Service

(1) Sign to AppGallery Connect and click My projects. Go to Build > ML Kit > Configuration > Product Visual Search. In the Manage product sets area, click Add a product set.

(2) Once you have added the set, contact us to start…

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Recently, I was asked to develop a pet store app that can filter out fake users during user registration and sign-in, so as to minimize the negative impact of fake users on the app operations. At first I was stumped but I quickly recalled the UserDetect function of HUAWEI Safety Detect which I had heard about at the Huawei Developer Conference 2020. So I integrated the function into the pet store app I was developing, and it turned out to be very effective. UserDetect helps improve the detection rate for fake users, as well as prevent malicious posting, credential stuffing…

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When users search for places, they may not specify exactly what aspect of that place they are interested in. Search results should include information about both parent nodes (the place itself) and child nodes (related information), because it makes it easier for users to find the information they’re looking for. For example, if a user searches for an airport, your app can also return information about child nodes, such as terminals, parking lots, and entrances and exits. This enables your app to provide more scenario-specific results, making it easier for users to explore their surroundings.

This post shows you how…


After flex-direction: row is set for the list component, the height 100 px set for the component does not take effect but becomes abnormally large.

The code where the exception occurs is as follows:

<!-- Only one root node is allowed in template. -->
<div class="container">
<list style="background-color: red;flex-direction:row;height: 100px;">
<list-item type="list-item" for="listdata" style="background-color: green;">
<image src="{{$item}}"></image>
.container {
flex-direction: column;
justify-content: center;
align-items: center;
.title {
font-size: 50px;
background-color: blue;

module.exports = {
data: {
componentData: {},
listdata: ['/Common/logo.png', '/Common/logo.png', '/Common/logo.png'] …

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When there are malicious apps on a device, they can put the user’s personal information and transactions at risk. This is why HUAWEI Safety Detect provides the malicious app detection (AppsCheck) API. It enables your app to obtain a list of malicious apps installed on the user’s device, and use this to determine whether to restrict functionality such as in-app payments.

I. Service Introduction

AppsCheck in Safety Detect features in the following:

1. Detects malicious apps with an accuracy rate of 99%, according to authority.

2. Detects unknown threats based on app behavior.

The figure below illustrates the process of checking for malicious apps.

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Questionnaires are useful when you want to collect specific information for the purposes of market research. But how can you convert the large amounts of data you collect from questionnaires into electronic documents? One very effective tool is ML Kit’s form recognition service. This guide will show you how to integrate this service, so you can easily input and convert data from forms.

Applicable Scenarios

ML Kit’s form recognition service uses AI to recognize the images you input and return information about a form’s structure (including rows, columns, and coordinates of cells) and form text in both Chinese and…

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1. Background

Today’s online games offer stunning effects and exhilarating gameplay, and user expectations for gaming have skyrocketed. Here, we’ll talk about how large-screen games can be controlled on a mobile phone or tablet, via Nearby Service’s Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-based solution.

2. Applicable Scenarios

With Nearby Service, users are able to wirelessly transmit real-time data from the sensor on a mobile phone or tablet to a large-screen device, to enjoy gaming that is vast in scale, but remarkably easy to control. This controller function can be downloaded, simply by scanning the QR code displayed on the home page for the large-screen game, after which all…

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Unlike text or video, when users consume audio content, they can also do something else while they’re listening. This is why users tend to choose audio, rather than text or video, when commuting or doing housework.

This makes audio playback a valuable addition for many apps. For example, fitness and health apps are more engaging when they have the ability to play music or audiobooks, while education apps are more effective when they provide useful audio courses, and ringtone apps need to be able to play a variety of ringtones.

So then, how do you build audio capabilities for your…


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